Ongoing Service Model

At Anthem Financial Services we break down our service model into three basic areas; Investment and Fiduciary Support , Administrative and Technical Support and Participant Level Support. Our ongoing services include but are not limited too:

Investment Fiduciary/Plan Level Support:

  • Prepare & Present a detailed Investment Portfolio Review to Committee
  • Provide ongoing analysis of plan investment options including investment searches 
  • Assist in the development of an Investment Policy Satement
  • Act as Investment Relationship Manager

Administrative/Technical Plan Level Support:

  • Manage overall plan process to ensure that plan is running smoothly
  • Coordinate with all parties involved with plan (Plan Sponsor, TPA, Recordkeeper, Investment Provider, Trustee, etc.)
  • Prepare and/or review plan documents
  • Oversee ongoing administrative  & monitoring of regulatory developments
  • Review and analyze non-discrimination and coverage tests
  • Assist with plan audits

Participant Level Support:

  • Provide day-to-day participant support including investment guidance and asset allocation modeling
  • Perform participant education and enrollment meetings
  • Answer participant investment questions and provide investment educational material